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The Best Time to stay in The Hocking Hills

Upper Falls Hocking hills

In the hocking hills all the seasons are beautiful and unique in their own way. The best season to visit the hocking hills is in the winter. Not only are the state parks a winter wonderland, but they are also less busy. Compared to other seasons people don’t hike as much in the winter. If you are looking for a unique getaway we have you covered.

Have you ever wanted to experience something that is unique and different every year? Each park has its own personality during each season. I’ll take your through the best winter hikes.

Old Man's Cave

This hike is a unique hike in any season. This trail has an upper and lower falls. Depending on when you go during the winter the waterfalls could still have running water. Not only do you get to experience the frozen waterfalls, but also as water drips off the cliffs they form massive ice structures. Old Man’s Cave hike is a good one to experience if you feel like you haven’t had a full snowy winter. Even if on the surface there is no snow once you enter Old Man’s Cave you may see snow still and many ice structures still intact. Due to the temperature difference between the Gorge and the upper level of land the ice structures last longer. This trail is longer and has a lot to see, make sure you are prepared. At times the trail can get icy so please be careful. We highly recommend wearing shoes with a nice tread and that are waterproof. Please be aware of your surroundings when hiking and take things slow.

woman in front of upper falls in winter

Cedar Falls

This hike is a beautiful hike anytime of the year. Whether you are enjoying the sunshine or the snowfall it’s all very breathtaking. Cedar falls has one large waterfall that produces the most volume of water in all the waterfalls in the hocking hills. This waterfall will most likely still be flowing during the winter. Not only will you get to experience the running waterfall but you also get to see snow and ice formations in the caves under the falls. The trail is a moderate hike that involves many larger steps. A creek unwinds right beside the path making the hike pleasant and relaxing. Please take this hike slow and enjoy the view.

old mans cave in winter

Ash Cave

This hike is a quick yet breathtaking trail. Ash cave is handicap accessible for the most part so it should be easy to access even in the winter. This trail leads you to an impressive recess cave. From the top of the cliff a small amount of water flows down to a puddle below it. During the winter this becomes a massive ice structure. Ash cave will make you feel like you are at a snowy beach due to all the sand in the cave and the ice formations. This hike would be perfect to finish off your day with an easy but beautiful trail.

cabin in winter

When you come to the Hocking Hills during the winter not only do you get to experience the unique trails, but you also get cheaper rates for your stay. The winter is our off season in the Hocking Hills. Book your stay now to enjoy the same cabin you stayed in over the summer for a cheaper rate. Come experience our winter wonderland, cozy up next to the fire and enjoy being surrounded by nature.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Cheaper rates, less crowded trails, massive ice formations, warm cozy fireplaces, what more could you ask for? Come to the Hocking Hills this winter and enjoy a unique experience like never before.

Make your Hocking Hills visit a unique one! Book your stay here!

Brittani Hahn
Hocking Hills, Ohio 43138
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