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Bittersweet Farm Cabins

6070 Scott Road, New Marshfield, OH 45766 +17405410042 [email protected]


Bittersweet Farm is located on a remote country road, surrounded by hills and forests and peace. They are close to many state parks, wild life areas, Ohio University and many other popular Hocking Hills area attractions. The cabin is fully furnished, equipped with hot tubs, outdoor gas grills, outdoor picnic tables, fire rings (firewood provided). The cabin has two covered decks, beautiful custom made woodwork on the interior, a full size bath, kitchen facilities with stove, refrigerator, microwave and inside dining areas. Bed and bath linens are provided.

The Christmas Cabin, a great family cabin, is also equipped with a gas log fireplace, sleeps up to 8, has almost a 360 view of the beautiful southern Ohio hills, lots of lawn space and direct access to a stocked fishing pond. .

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