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Day Trips

With the Hocking Hills serving as "home base" there are several nearby places to visit during your stay:
Nelsonville Square Historic Nelsonville - Located on US Route 33 less than 1/2 hour south of Old Man's Cave Nelsonville hosts a variety of events and festivals. Nelsonville is most noted for its Stuarts Opera House, Historic Square Arts District, Hocking Valley Scenic Railway and Rocky Boots. Pictured left is a photograph of the Historic Downtown Square... more
lancaster Historic Lancaster - The Lancaster Historic District covers over 24 city blocks and is one the most significant historic districts in the Midwestern States. Pictured left is a photograph for the Georgian Museum... more
stock port mill muskingum river Muskingum River - The Muskingum River Parkway and its 160-year-old navigation system were designated a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers in July 2001. Along with such majestic institutions as Hoover Dam, The Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge, the Muskingum River's 10 hand-operated locks are now recognized as one of America's great engineering accomplishments. The system of locks and dams that extends 112 miles through southeastern Ohio serves the needs of more than 7,000 recreational boaters each year who come to fish, picnic and play in the scenic Muskingum Valley.... more
wayne national forest Wayne National Forest - Created during the last great depression the Wayne National Forest now serves as home to a variety outdoor pursuits including miles of ATV trails, horseback riding trails, thousands for acres for hunting and fishing, camping and more. Pictured at left a a photograph of the Wayne National Forest Park Headquarters located on US Route 33... more
Bob Evans Farm Farm Festival - Located just south of the Hocking Hills Region in the rolling hill counrty of Gallia County is home to the world famous Bob Evans Farm. Each year during the peak of the fall foliage season the Bob Evans Farm Festival draws thousands of visitors for food, fun and entertainment... more
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Hocking Hills Yurts  Cabins
Hocking Hills Yurts Cabins
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Lakewood Cottage
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Lake Logan State Park